On the night when He was betrayed, our Lord Jesus, in the upper room, Jesus, in His final teaching to His disciples before His crucifixion laid out for us what love truly is. From John 15 we read, “This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you. Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends.”

We hear an awful lot about love. In politics we are told if you are not for this, or not against that then you do not love. Children are prone to say, “You don’t love me” when parents say no to something they really want. To our sinful flesh, love is about what we can get form others, how other people make us feel.

Jesus turns this around. Love is not about how you feel. Rather, love is an action that is taken for the good of others. Love is a sacrificing of the self for the good of someone else.

Blindness can be understood both physically and spiritually. One can be blind when their eyes no longer work as designed by God, and one can be blind when they do not recognize the truth of God as given to us in Scripture.

The old saying “Love is blind” would have us thin that love overlooks faults in others, and accepts them for who they are, no questions asked. This same thought is applied to God, wrongly. God’s love goes beyond acceptance of us in all our faults and failures and transforms us. Blind love is nothing less than spiritual blindness, a purposeful ignorance of what is best and most beneficial for others.  Love doesn’t ignore sin, for love knows sin is destructive. Love offers the better way.

This is of course the way of our Savior Jesus. The way of sacrifice. Jesus dies to fulfill the promises of salvation God gave to us, for it is Jesus alone who can bring sight from blindness.  It is faith in Jesus that clings to the Word of promise from our Lord that holds on, even as the world seeks to silence our cries for mercy.

Love is sacrifice. A sacrifice made by our Savior on the cross, and given to us by faith.


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