Merry Christmas

While for many, the story of Christmas, with angels, shepherds, miraculous stars, Wise men, and of course the impossible, a Virgin mother seems too good to be true, each year many return to the scene. Perhaps they enjoy fairy tales, they tell themselves. Maybe they wish for it to be true. Maybe, they long for what it all really means.

This, the grand story of our Lord Jesus birth is more than a fairy tale, even as it contains all the action and romance of a great story. From this true story of Jesus comes the seed of all great stories. Tales of self-sacrifice for the one you love. The giving of the hero to danger and death in order to defeat the great enemy.

God, in the course of time, when Quirinius was governor of Syria, makes Himself known in human history, top redeem the story began when the devil convinced Adam and Eve to listen, not to the everlasting Word of God, but to the siren song of temptation. God, in the form of a baby boy makes Himself one with us. This is no mere fairytale, it is the truth!

The truth of the love of our creator, who would not leave us to the darkness of this world, or the darkness of our own souls, but sent Jesus to be our light. “Pleased as man, with men to dwell, “Jesus has come, and brings pleasures eternal.” “Born to raise the sons of earth,” by baptism into His blessed name, “Born to give them second birth.”

As time went on, about 33 years, another point on the calendar came. Pontius Pilate was governor of Judea, and the Savior had come to His own, but His own didn’t know Him. Turned over into the hands of sinners, Jesus suffered death on a cross, that all who, by faith look up and see, from the manger, to the grave A Savior would have hope. Hope that the sorrow of this life has purpose in the cross of Jesus. Hope, that God with us has saved us, and is giving to us eternal life in His Name.

The hope of humanity is in the coming of the Son of God, born of His virgin mother. So small, so fragile is our salvation that as an infant He snuggles to His mother’s breast, and as a man he hangs on the cross and dies. In Christ Jesus we see the love of God come down which brings victory over the devil, the world, and our own sinful flesh. “Joy to the world,” for “Christ the Savior is born.”


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