Skipping Advent

The season of Advent is upon us, but judging from what we see and hear you wouldn’t necessary know it. It seems to me, that this year we skipped from Halloween in October to Christmas, even forgetting thanksgiving as stores rushed to get Christmas on the shelves.

Our Christian forefathers and mothers were wise in passing down to us this short four Sunday season of personal reflection and repentance before the celebration of the birth of Christ begins. In this way, we can slow down, and listen. Listen to God’s Word, which by His law exposes us for who we are, sinners in need of mercy.  We can listen to one another, sharing in the trials and joys of life, loving one another, even as Christ loves us.

Most importantly, we can listen to the news of Jesus. His love for you in becoming a human being. His joy at carrying you sin, and death on His shoulders, His mercy to you, as He hung on the cross, bleeding to save you.

Advent means come. In this season leading up to the festival of light, let us reflect on the truth, that as each new day comes and goes, we find ourselves coming closer to the day of the Lord, the day when our Savior shall return.

The coming of Jesus is a time of great celebration for we who are of the faithful, for it marks the return of the one we love. Reunions are almost always a joyful event, how much more so when Jesus returns to being us home. On that day there shall be no more suffering or evil, for the coming of Jesus will be the end of all that is wrong, and the beginning of all that is good, and right, and true.

The first Sunday in Advent is named Ad Te Levavi taken from the Latin phrase that begins Psalm 25, which serves as the introit. “To you, O Lord, I lift up my soul”

This is a prayer of faith, knowing that it is in the Lord Jesus alone that we find comfort, hope and peace. It is a plea for mercy in the face of the world’s hatred of Jesus, His Word and His followers. We begin advent with a Word of grace, looking to Jesus for all grace and mercy.


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